When You Need To Be The Parent To Your Parent, San Diego Can Help

San Diego Bail Bond Store Service

As your father, you expect him to be the one to give you growing up advice, giving you dating tips (or scaring off every boy or girl who wants to date you), lecture you about stuff you’ve forgotten, teach you sports and how to ride a bike, give you money, and to bring you home from jail when you get arrested for something you did out of stupidity. You expect tall this and more from him because that’s the natural role of any father.

Except this is not what is happening for you.

Instead, you’re the one lecturing Dad about finally growing up and being a man, a real father, and someone you can be proud of. You’re the one taking care of him because he can’t pull his life together to do it. You’re the one who had to bail him out of jail. You’re the one child acting as the parent.

Don’t give up on Dad. If you need help with bail, call San Diego Bail Bond Store Service at 619-232-9807. We’ll be more than happy to work with you on an affordable payment plan. We do our job because we love seeing loved ones reunited, and that can be you too. This can be the turnaround point for your father, so let’s get him out of jail!