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You get arrested. Now you’re in jail. You now need to contact a friend or family member and ask them to do some research or ask around for two reliable companies/ firms/ individuals who are crucial to your coming days and weeks: a bail bond company, and an attorney.

A bail bond company will help you post bail so you can stay out of jail and at home until and during your trial. Posting bail with a bail bond greatly reduces the cost you (or someone on your behalf) will have to pay. You will have certain terms and conditions to your release that you must abide by, or else your bail bond will be terminated and you will be put back in jail. The main one: go to court when you are asked to.

You will want an attorney who specializes in the charges made against you. For example, it’s not the wisest to get an attorney who specializes in traffic charges to defend you if you committed a felony. You want an attorney who fully understands the situation you are in. They will know how to tackle the trial to best benefit you.

Remember, your freedom and future is on the line here. You want people on your side you can trust and rely on who really know their business.

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