This Question About Bail Is More Common During The Holiday Season Than Any Other Time Of Year


One of the biggest questions we at Fallbrook Bail Bond Store get (especially now, during the end of the year), is if a person who bails out of jail, can travel.

Holiday vacations and travel plans have been locked in for some time before the arrest occurred. Nobody likes having to cancel or change plans – it’s a hassle and a let down.

Here’s what we have to say: it depends.

  1. Unless the judge restricts the defendant from travel or limits their travel, he or she can technically still go on vacation.
  2. The defendant is still responsible for showing up at all of the court dates.
  3. If the fail this, their bail money will not be refunded or their bail bond will be revoked and they would be required to pay the balance. They will also be arrested again and held without bail.
  4. If there is a conflict with a court date, the defendant may request a rescheduling, but the judge likely will not grant this.

In sum, if a court appearance date lands in the middle of the planned vacation, the defendant must either cut their vacation short so they can make this court appearance, or not go on vacation at all.

It is not our (Fallbrook Bail Bond Store’) loss if a defendant decides to travel while out on bail and ends up missing a court date; it’s the defendant’s loss, and a loss to their loved ones. So, consider how you spend your time out on bail very wisely, and make sure you keep up to date with the court and your lawyer on appointments.

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