This Is What You Need To Know About A Citizen’s Arrest

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In any situation, that involves breaking the law, it is best to allow the police to get involved and let them do their duty. However, there may be times where one person cannot wait for the police to arrive.

An individual who is not a government officer may arrest another person if they actively witness a misdemeanor crime or if they know first-hand they committed a felony. The felony needn’t have been committed before your eyes, though you need probable cause that the crime did indeed occur.

Attempting to make a citizen’s arrest can be tricky. You need to know 100% that you are right in the situation. If the person you arrested turns out to be innocent, you can face legal consequences.

Someone who is arrested by another citizen (and then later formally arrested by the police) has bail rights just like all others, unless otherwise ordered by the judge. They are encouraged to bail out, and they may contact San Diego Bail Bond Store Services to do so. San Diego Bail Bond Store Services will get them the bail bond they need.

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