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This Holiday Season, Splurge on a Taxi, Lyft, or Uber

poway bail bonds

poway bail bonds

This holiday season, especially on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, be prepared when you are going out. By that, we mean figure out your transportation plans ahead of time, especially if you plan to drink alcohol. This holiday season, tell yourself it is okay to splurge on a cab driver.

Using a car service like a taxi, Uber, or Lyft is the best choice. You will have a designated driver, which means you can drink a couple extra drinks. You will not have to worry about driving while intoxicated and possibly getting into an accident, and/ or arrested.

You also will not have to worry about the possibility of driving in the rain, which poses dangerous conditions with lower visibility and slippery roads.

A third thing you will not have to worry about is getting pulled into a DUI chec...

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Seventeen Versus Eighteen

escondido bail bonds

escondido bail bonds

Turning 18 is a lot of fun, and very cool, but it also comes with an incredible jump in responsibility.

If a youth, 17 or younger, was arrested by the police, they would more than likely be released back to their parents and maybe pay a fine or perform community service as punishment. They would not stand trial like you see on television, and they do not have the possibility of being sent to prison, unless they were tried as an adult, which doesn’t happen often.

This all changes when the person becomes 18, because if someone 18 or older is arrested, then they will stand trial. They will not be released back to their parents, rather they would have to find out if they are eligible to post bail to secure their release...

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Everything You Get At San Diego Bail Bond Store

When you contact San Diego Bail Bond Store for assistant, a representative will search for all the best solutions and offerings for you to fit your situation. San Diego Bail Bond Store offers the most and the best compared to other agencies, and we’re able to help everyone who needs us. Not all bail bond companies can say the same.

  • Personalized payment plans
  • Low monthly rates
  • State-wide service in California
  • 24/7 availability
  • Zero down
  • Zero interest
  • No hidden fees
  • Confidential and quick service
  • Friendly and licensed agents
  • Phone approvals
  • Convenient online payment system
  • Various forms of payment accepted, including all major credit cards
  • Discounts may be available
  • Collateral might not be necessary

Call us at 619-232-9807 to discuss your personal situation with an San Diego agent so th...

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San Diego Bail Bond Store Will Help You Out No Matter What Hour Of The Day Or Night It Is

There’s no shortage of nightlife in this vibrant city of Los Angeles. From bars to clubs and concerts to sporting events, you’re definitely in the right city to party. When you do go out for the night, make sure you have a fully charged phone, have designated a driver or planned for a taxi, and have your friends with you all night. Having this all ready ahead of time will surely make your night run smoother, without issue, and keep you safer.

What happens if you run into a problem or problematic people, but have a dead phone battery? What happens if you, intoxicated, get behind the wheel? What happens if you get into an accident involving other parties? What happens if you allow your intoxicated friend to get behind the wheel? These are situations no one ever wants to run into...

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How Bail Really Works

Most people’s understanding of how bail works in real life is what they watch on television, which is a very condensed version. Most people don’t read too much into the specifics and what is not shown on television because it’s not relevant to their life. They don’t need to know about bail because they will never be dropped into that situation. Well, no one who has dealt with bail ever expected they would need to. It might be helpful to know a little bit more of the details.

  • A person’s bail will depend on the crime committed, any criminal history, and their ties to the community.
  • Only the judge can decide the bail amount, which is based on the bail schedule. Only the judge can lower a bail amount (though unlikely).
  • A person can pay 100% of the bail to the court directly...
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If Getting Arrested Is Part Of Your Game, Bailing You Out Is Part Of Ours

Man do we love this time of year – football! Like any big sports fan, we’re die-hard for our team and we get really into the game. Sometimes, we get too into the game…

If this happens to you and you end up arrested, contact us at San Diego Bail Bond Store so that you can get out of jail as fast as possible. Incidents like these that occur at sports games or bars during a sports games are unfortunate, but not unheard of. The media has followed a few such incidents where a fight occurred at a sports game. People were arrested. Others were injured. The franchise and community was saddened.

Fights that break out at sports games are not part of the athletic culture that everyone loves and has fun at...

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Getting Arrested Doesn’t Mean You’re A Bad Person.

Don’t beat yourself up for one mistake you made, okay? Getting arrested and jailed isn’t the end of your life as you know it. It won’t ruin you. It may get you a few troubles here or there but frankly, that will be minor and minimal because you’re not the kind of person who is going to keep getting in serious trouble with the law. We know you, we’ve gotten to know you by helping you get out of jail, speaking with you and your loved ones. They, by the way, also love you so much and will see that you don’t get in trouble again too. They, as are we at San Diego Bail Bond Store, are your support team.

This was one isolated incident, one time, one mistake that you have learned from. You did the right thing by contacting our San Diego Bail Bond Store team to get you out of jail qui...

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We’re Scratching Our Heads At These Looney California Laws

SD-bail-now-5Amid all our serious talk about California laws and bail and jail, we think it’s nice to throw in some read that is purely entertaining – or at least we hope you see it that way instead of actually considering committing some of these to see what will happen… Because hey you never know, while wacky they’re still technically laws that you can technically get in trouble for.

  • Wearing a sweatshirt inside out in Half-Moon Bay is considered a threatening misdemeanor.
  • Peeling an orange in a hotel room is illegal in all of California.
  • Frying gravy is outlawed in Redwood City.
  • It is illegal to try and stop a child from jumping over a puddle of water.
  • Only licensed hunters may set mousetraps.
  • Even if a hotel has cockroaches, it is illegal to complain about this through mail.
  • If a canary is ...
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Contacting San Diego Bail Bond Store Is The Responsible Thing To Do

You never ever thought you’d be responsible for helping bail someone you love out of jail. You’re shocked, speechless, angry, and upset. But for this moment, stop thinking about how you’re feeling and start focusing on the person who is actually sitting in jail. They approached you to get them out of jail because they trust you completely. It’s time to answer that plea.

Now, of course we don’t expect you either to be able to know exactly what to do to get them out of jail. Our team at San Diego Bail Bond Store specializes in these situations, creating bail bonds for anyone who has recently been arrested. Bail bonds are much more affordable than paying bail directly to the court...

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Sitting In Jail And Missing Out Of Life Is A Totally True Cliché

The longer you sit in jail, the more you miss out on life. It might sound cliché but it’s totally true. You’re missing your child’s laughter, lover’s affection, home-cooked meals, sports games, soft bed, long hot showers (let’s still try and keep water usage down though, for the sake of California!), warm sun, and so much more.

Our aim at San Diego Bail Bond Store is to get you out of jail as quickly as possible so you can get right back to enjoying your every day luxuries that you now value and cherish even more. Jail can be as awful as depicted on television – dark, lonely, and uncomfortable. Visits and chats with loved ones are kept to a minimum.

A bail bond from San Diego Bail Bond Store can get you home...

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