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Ward Off Thieves with the 9 PM Routine

Ward Off Thieves with the 9 PM Routine


hen people work hard, they are able to earn money and buy themselves some nice things. This is how people earn enough for their homes, cars, and everything else that they own. Since most people worked very hard to get the things they have, they would hate to lose them, especially if someone stole them.

Theft can be a big problem, and so one sheriff’s department came up with a catchy routine to help people help themselves. This routine is so simple and became so popular that it rapidly spread across the entire nation until pretty much every law enforcement agency in the country is periodically reminding people to conduct the routine every night.

 The 9 PM Routine

In August of 2016, Pasco County Sheriffs in Florida began tweeting about how homeowners should perform a 9 PM Routine ever...

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