San Marcos Bail Bond Store Explains Bail Schedules

san-marcosEven though it may not seem like it, bail prices do have a set system, they aren’t just randomly assigned. The prices can be different from county to county but they’re all based on the same principles. Every county has a bail schedule that determines the bail mounts for that county.

A bail schedule is a list of every crime and how much bail should be for that crime. Law enforcement agencies use this bail schedule to determine you or your loved one’s bail. But it doesn’t rely solely on your crimes at the time of arrest, your bail can also be affected by your criminal record, if you have one.

Multiple offenders are more likely to get higher bails since they’re more likely to commit more crimes in the future. This is why two people can commit the same crime but get different bails. One of them probably had criminal record that earned him or her a higher bail amount. The more violent crimes get higher bail amounts than non-violent crimes for obvious reasons.

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