“Not That I Necessarily Would, But I Can’t Do What In California?!” Crazy, Wacky California Laws That Just Don’t Make Sense


  • In Carmel, a man may not leave his house wearing a jacket and pants that do not match.
  • If you want to walk an elephant down Market Street in San Francisco, the elephant must be on a leash.
  • You’ll be fined for molesting butterflies in Pacific Grove.
  • You can’t play baseball (the all-American sport) in Eureka unless you have written permission from the Director of Public Works.
  • During lunchtime in Riverside, you cannot walk down the street carrying your lunch.
  • It’s illegal to drink cement if you’re in Indian Wells.
  • In Los Angeles, one may not hunt moths under any street lamp.
  • Peeling an orange in a hotel room is prohibited in all of the state.

Yes, these are all real laws in California. Not that anyone would actually molest a butterfly in Pacific Grove or try to walk an elephant down the street in San Francisco, but you could technically get in trouble for doing so. And you can technically get in trouble for peeling an orange in a hotel room. But we’re pretty sure the officer to write you up on this would be out of his mind to really do so.

In any case, you can always read up on more wacky, insane California laws that are very amusing. How these laws were ever passed, we don’t know. And why they haven’t been removed yet, we don’t know that either. All we know is 2 things:

  1. They are pretty entertaining to read about.
  2. If you DO get arrested for committing these “crimes,” we at San Diego Bail Bond Store Services can help bail you out of jail.

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Okay, maybe you should be a little embarrassed if you tried to drink cement… Like that was a good idea to begin with…

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