New California Laws for 2015 You May Not Know About


Laws change all the time and with half of 2015 already over, we bet you don’t know a lot of the new laws that came into play at the beginning of the year. There were over 900 new laws in California, including the following:

  • Unless it’s printed in a book, online, or at a state museum for educational and historical purposes, the Confederate flag may not be displayed or sold, including objects with an image of the confederate flag on it.
  • Inmates do not need to be sterilized, but if their life is in danger, the state prison may force them to.
  • Active and veteran military personnel may be subject to a diversion program if they are convicted of a misdemeanor, but also suffer from service-related trauma or drug abuse.
  • Workers are entitled to a minimum of 3 days of paid sick leave each year.
  • If they meet all court-ordered requirements, juveniles convicted of a crime will have their records sealed automatically.
  • A person can get 10 years to life in prison if they are convicted of aggravated arson where damages and firefighting costs are $7 million or more.

There are over 900 new laws in California for 2015 and if you’re interested in learning all of them, do your research! It just might save you from doing something that is now illegal that wasn’t before; it just might make you save a friend from doing something wrong too.

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