Immigrant Bonds Are Available And Easy To Pay

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For immigrants, one of their greatest fear is being “caught” and deported back to their home country. But, immigrants do have certain protections and rights. Getting deported is not as simple as just being “caught.”

Many immigrants, when in custody of ICE and deportation, are offered to bail out on an immigration bond. This allows them to live at their U.S. home while their immigration/ removal proceedings are pending. The decision to grant an immigration bond will be evaluated on the likelihood of missing an immigration hearing and the danger they pose to the community. A criminal background check may also be a deciding factor.

Immigration bonds are typically set up on some sort of payment plan and may range anywhere between $1,000 to $25,000. It may be a stretch for the family, but not impossible to meet. With the right bail bond company, an immigration bail bond can be successful.

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